We design residential buildings, social and cultural institutions

We improve efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises

We analyze, model and automate business processes

We work with startups and existing businesses in various sectors of the industry
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About us

I-BK company’s goal is to help business become efficient, competitive and profitable. We are capable of improving labor performance, work efficiency and company sustainability, to help you win even in a heavily competitive environment. We are a team of highly skilled specialists with extensive experience in industrial construction and technologies, designing residential houses, social and cultural institutions, business process automation and management, development and deployment of information technologies.

Our project team was established back in 2007, and has successfully implemented a number of construction projects as part of large holding companies. Since 2015 the team has been working as part of I-BK company.

Professional Competencies
Our Achievements
Progressive house-building system concept
I-BK has an impressive track record of projects in Russia and the CIS countries
Компания I-BK имеет успешный опыт реализации проектов как в России, так и в странах СНГ
Компания I-BK имеет успешный опыт реализации проектов как в России, так и в странах СНГ
  • Low labor performance
  • Inadequate performer discipline
  • Non-transparent management accounting
  • Long product development cycle
  • Extra costs due to operation duplication
  • Organizational conflicts
  • Inefficient logistics management
  • Equipment wear
  • Lack of information and analytical data on the processes, statistics, causes of accidents
  • Extended design timing and inadequate quality
  • Extra costs during production and construction due to design inaccuracies
  • Structured operations
  • Automatic environment to improve performer discipline
  • Reporting in an integrated management system
  • Introduction of innovative project management approach
  • Business process identification, description, modelling
  • Organization design and optimization at all management levels
  • Coordination of employees engaged in logistics
  • Implementation of comprehensive equipment maintenance principles
  • Information support, obtaining statistics for various emergency causes
  • Reducing design times and improving design quality by using design automation software.
  • Identifying and eliminating design inaccuracies at early stages
Developing a technological concept for integrated house-building plants
Organizing and controlling project documentation for the plant construction
Managing the construction process from equipment installation to commissioning
Business process automation for house-building systems
Building design
  • Designing residential (housing) precast panel or frame-type buildings
  • Designing integrated house-building plants
  • Designing industrial enterprises of various purposes
  • Designing children’s pre-school and secondary education institutions
  • Designing office centers
  • Designing business parks
  • Designing multi-function buildings
  • Designing hotels
  • Designing healthcare centers

Building design work types:


  • Project planning area. Architectural concept.
  • Draft design.
  • Project documentation
  • Working documentation for construction
  • Design of various premises.
  • 50% less design time due to AllPlan automation software
  • Improved design quality by using BIM technologies
  • For the enterprise – save up to half the labor and time costs by providing CAD data to the house-building plants
  • Custom-made prefab reinforced concrete building designs
  • High-quality designs guarantee successful construction (high quality and fast assembly)
License scan
Design SRO
Comprehensive launch of production enterprises (including integrated house-building plants)
  • Project organization events (developing industrial enterprise concept, building investment project budget at the investment and operation phases)
  • Organizing construction and installation works for the production enterprise
  • Selecting and organizing delivery of equipment to the enterprise
  • Evaluation and analysis of the current production state (production capacity, technology, human resources, logistics, management)
  • Technical and technological development programs for the enterprise


  • Development and implementation of enterprise business processes (production planning, stock planning, inputs and materials procurement, finished products shipping, regular maintenance works)
  • Development and implementation of the quality management system in enterprise management cycle
  • Developing innovation management systems and methods
  • Optimizing the quantity, location and usage of resources at any stage of enterprise development
  • Developing and implementing personnel efficiency management methods (regulation, accounting, motivation system)
  • Organizing staff training and professional orientation activities
  • Organizing IT infrastructure, including telecommunication equipment
  • Organizing regular technical audit of a production enterprise
  • Optimized production management system, strictly adhering to business processes
  • Overall production management, quality management system, logistics management
  • Technological lines and equipment enabling high-quality production in the given time
  • Fast move to new and updated product manufacturing


  • Rational usage of material resources
  • Highly competitive products
Launching integrated home-building plants

Preparing a new enterprise launch product from scratch

  1. Developing an enterprise concept, plant layout
  2. Developing an investment project
  3. Completing design and survey works
  4. Locating competent human resources
  5. Performing the construction works
  6. Selecting, producing and delivering the equipment
  7. Introducing the progressive home-building system
  8. Preparing requirements to transportation and special vehicles
  9. Building IT infrastructure, including telecommunication equipment

Housing construction


  1. Introducing the progressive home-building system
  2. Residential building design works
  3. New housing construction
“Green field” project implementation in any industry. Full range of services.
  1. Organizational structure design
  2. Identifying the company operations area (innovations, projects, processes)
  3. Structuring and encoding operations
  4. Process modeling
  5. Preparing reporting
  6. Process automation
  7. Employee engagement
  8. Monitoring reports
  9. Management decisions based on reports analysis

Working with existing business (change management)


  • Set of services depends on the customer’s requirements and on the objective condition of the enterprise
  • The services are tied to the existing processes

Strengthening operations
  • Designing and implementing a high-performance management environment
  • Modeling business processes
  • Developing process maps with procedures for all areas of operation
  • Implementing quality management system standards
  • Implementing lean manufacturing instruments


  • Modern management planning, control and accounting principles impld
  • Transparent and regulated business process structure
  • Business process efficiency indicators identified
  • Improved operating efficiency by using resources identified and/or modifying business process technology
  • Reduced costs by eliminating operations bottlenecks


  • Employees get the best possible environment for performing their functions and making independent decisions within their areas of responsibility
  • A clear distribution of responsibilities, functions and mechanisms of interaction among the Company units or employees within the units
  • Improved technological discipline of the staff
  • Lower labor costs for induction of new staff
  • The company occupies a more sustainable position in its segment of the market
Business process automation
  • Implementing projects within a single corporate accounting and information system based on 1C:ERP Enterprise Resource Planning 2, 1C:UPP (Industrial Enterprise Management) 8.2, 1C:USO (Construction Organization Management)
  • Budgeting and corporate accounting automation using 1C:UPP 1C:BIT-Finance, 1C:Consolidation software
  • Document flow automation, task control and monitoring using 1C:Document Flow, MS Project, MS SharePoint, Bitrix, Bitrix24 (including international systems, such as 1C:Document Flow for Kazakhstan).
  • Configuring customer relations accounting and management system (CRM) using 1С:CRM, Bitrix CRM.


  • Launch and configuration of BIM CAD solutions with Nemetcheck Allplan solution, including geographically distributed systems: licensing servers, project storage, administered layers.
  • Enterprise automation: Automatic warehouse management (1C:WMS), product lifecycle management/tracking using unique barcode identifiers, shipping document terminals, repairs and maintenance management for machinery and equipment using 1C:MRO software. Concrete batching/mixing plant management using Key Element KE:Concrete solution.
  • Logistics management automation using 1C:UAT (Vehicle Management), satellite GPS monitoring
  • Organizing IT support
  • Improved production volumes and product quality
  • Improved efficiency of production processes
  • Reduced consumption of materials
  • Reduced maintenance staff


  • Improved value-for-money
  • Automated workplace development
  • Reduced time needed to assess the current condition of the enterprise
Developing IT infrastructure and SCADA systems
  • Building network architecture on Microsoft platform;
  • Organizing data centers (including high-security ones) with HP, Dell, Intel server board hardware and VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix virtualization platforms;
  • Network design using Cisco, MikroTik equipment.
  • Analyzing your needs for production management and planning, maintenance and repairs management.


  • Management assistance:
    1. MES, ERP system implementation projects.
    2. Automated technological process management systems:
      • -Weckenmann
      • -EVG
      • -SAA
      • -Elematic
      • -AWM
      • –Sommer house-building plant
      • – Concrete batching plants: Liebherr, Wiggert, Teka/Bicotronic
    3. Computer-assisted design (CAD) and construction systems:
      — BIM Nemetcsheck Allplan Precast (PlanBar), Nemetcsheck Allplan, TIM, BCM
      — Autodesk Autocad
  • Uninterrupted operation of all IT services in the company
  • Optimized usage of IT infrastructure
  • Reduces human involvement in routine management of IT processes
  • Reduced risks during modernization and upscaling of information systems


  • Ensuring uninterrupted business processes
  • Safer and more regular production
  • Increased production volumes
  • Reduced time required to process information and make management decisions
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Compliance with the international business standards ISO 9001:2015

Working with a team of result-oriented specialists

Developing an accounting system for all operations

Turn-key project implementation

Ready to work in any part of Russia and the CIS

Improving business performance

High-quality design in the minimum timeframe possible

Minimized production losses

Introduction of new efficient technologies

Structuring operations

Ensuring stable quality and performance of works

Improved product quality

Implementing a new production system using “lean manufacturing” instruments

Building a modern management system using cutting-edge experience in industrial construction development

Creating automated workplaces


Successful cooperation


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Confirming the cost and timing of works


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